Creative process: trying out different techniques to stimulate waking memory and vivid dreaming
> Writing down the emotions and atmosphere of the dream.
> Creating moodboards and colour mpas for each dream.
The end result is the combination of all the factors through mapping the dream's narrative lines, emotions and places in a seemingly convoluted, but not totally random collage.

At its core, this is a very personal project, having the basis on experimentation within the possibilities of digital collage, non-narrative storytelling and playing around with composition.
is an experimental publication consisting of a series of digital collages.
Inspiration: The basis of this project is a poem I wrote about a recurring figure that feels both distant and familiar. Taking away from Romanian folklore, the Zburator is a dream demon that haunts young girls' dreams, charming them in their sleep. He takes many forms, most often that of a handsome young man with a mysterious, calming presence.

I wanted the collages to convey that same emotion - an uncanny sense of familiarity, close enough to vaguely trigger deja vu, but distant enough to not remember anything about it.