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both the biggest and the smallest characters in the film have colour schemes inspired by Evangelion robots - an homage to the influential series that half of the production team is a big fan of
Among the toys and characters in the parade, the toy robot steals the show.
With an impressive size difference, it asserts itself as a key element of the ensemble, culminating in an explosive end of the scene.

Most of the toys belong to Mercedes, including the robot which exhibits signs of wear and tear such as scratches, missing parts and stickers.
> The concept for the robot was a low-tech vintage toy with a chunky geometric look (and fitting movement patterns).
> All of these aspects were taken into consideration during the character design process, the main inspiration being the robot form the music video for Talk by Coldplay (2005).
> A main characteristic of the 2000s is the amount of bootleg products, hence the borrowed colour scheme from one for the robots in Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995).
3D model and animation by Lara Schmitz